About Crafting Wand

Hello! Welcome to my website. I would love to introduce myself before you get busy and get going.  

I’m Safiya Nathir, I am from Sri Lanka. A wife to my wonderful husband who is my support system and a mother to my beautiful daughter who has the craziest imagination. Although I’d like say I Crochet and do art and craft in my free time, the truth is, I make my time free for my handcrafts! 

I am a trained AMI Montessori educator for children aged 3-6. I got the opportunity to follow the course, when I lived in Chennai, India. It was certainly a turning point in my life. I learned so many life lessons during that period of time. I volunteered at the training center for awhile and move across the world with my husband and my three year old to start a new life. 

We love travelling as a family. We travel all the time and love collecting experiences. As cliche it may sound, travelling do add colours to your life. Especially for someone who does DIYs, and crafts all the time, you can be inspired by all the different cultures you get to see.  

I Started doing art and craft from a very young age. I taught myself different types of embroidery probably when I was around 12 or so. That was before the era of ‘internet’. I mostly learned from books and by looking at people’s work around me. I should say that I’m very observant and I have a natural skill to see someone’s work and guess how it’s done. The unseen challenges in these handworks is what attracts me the most. I like to try and try till I ‘get it’. That’s how I’ve acquired most of the skills I have today. Special mentions to my parents who let me nourish in my interests and my motherland Sri Lanka, which has a great effect on me. An unpopular fact about Sri Lanka is that, it is a very resourceful place when it comes to any type of art and crafts. I also learned a bit of crochet from my grandmother. I couldn’t pursue my interest at the time because my time was spent in school, studies and playing. Then as an adult, I had a sudden urge to master crochet. Thanks to the internet I was able to learn some basic stitches and I kept going at it till I perfected my skill. I am proud to say that today I am a ‘Pro’ in crochet. I make my own patterns and write them too. 

Now, I would like to tell you my intentions for this Website. The most frequently asked questions about my craft. ‘How did you do that?’ and ‘where did you get it from?’. I would like to show and tell you how I made something, my resources, challenges and my solution for it. To share tips and tricks to be efficient and organized. This also can be a place where people with same interest come and have a discussion about your creation. I would like to tell you my story and hear from you as well.

I also would like to announce that I am about to turn my hobby to a business. I will be selling Crochet Patterns and Products here. Please do checkout my store.

Also, please go through my blog. Ask questions, leave comments and tell me your thoughts. I would love to hear from you! 

Peace to you!



Highlights of Crafting Wand
My focus shifted towards crochet as I was getting more passionate about it
Wrote my first crochet pattern for a baby blanket. It as a big achievement for me but it took a while to publish it since I was still learning so many new things
Published my First Crochet Pattern. Later, I slowly moved from yarn crochet to thread crochet. I believe I am highly influenced by my grandma. She crochets only with thread
Turned my Hobby into a Business